An excerpt written by Glenna Evans.
“Pushing the Low Brow with the High Brow.” Essay
December 6/2007

“My work is a product of cultivating duality. There are two selves that I struggle to visually communicate to the world through. This duality is claimed within two different names. My intention is not only to produce visually stimulating images on canvas or on the street but also to present a distinguished concept that is not easy to realize, unless one is familiar with both lines of work. As I continue to have full control over my work, it will appear to have been done by two different people. The first element of duality is my background. I cannot leave my roots, the people and environment where I have learned to find this energy in me. The beginnings start in the street, a place I would return to over youthful years for answers to difficult questions. I also cannot be wholly low brow. Creating highly representational, nearly photo realistic portraits and illustrations allow for the general population to relate to my work more successfully than the exclusive naively incorrect proportional figures and design-oriented lines in graffiti culture. These portraits and classic illustrations are executed in a high-brow style and traditionally would be shown white cube galleries, a far cry from the street. Though slowly, these scenes are emerging and I plan as well, to merge with them. ”